These Strangers Faked A Proposal To Get Free Drinks At Bar (LOL)

The pair aligned their motive for free drinks and came up with a fake proposal plan to get some free drinks. While some people opposed the act and regarded them like a miser, others applauded for their genius mind and rather chose to regard it as ‘harmless fun.’ The entire situation was taken by the people in a mixed manner.

The clipping that captured the entire fake proposal was shared on Reddit where the man could be seen wearing a grey jumper and baseball cap. He went on his knees before gathering the attention of the entire bar which is somewhere in the US. Just as the man went down, the women immediately accepted the proposal as the entire thing was already planned and staged just to get some drinks.

To make the proposal look real the fake couple worked on its slightest details. They even put on a romantic kiss to grab everyone’s attention and eventually the drinks. The entire act received further validity as their friends managed to show some real excitement and happiness and celebrated it wildly. The entire bar was mesmerized by the proposal and assumed it to be true.

Happy for the so-called couple the staff at the bar also joined the celebrations and raised free drinks for the pair. Unfortunately, the luck was not in the pair’s favor as a minor caption of the original video that was uploaded on TikTok revealed that it was a planned and fake proposal. The video was captioned, “So we met this guy at Texas Live last night and planned a fake proposal with him. People we didn’t even know got so hype about it and made it so fun. And we even got free drinks for the rest of the night.”

However, the post was taken by the users on Reddit in a different way, some were in support of the fun the fake couple created while others completely opposed it and made it a point of discussion. It was shared on Reddit with a caption that a couple faked a proposal and received free drinks for the situation of celebration they staged.

Few users commented that it was a trashy and cheap move anyone could do just to get some free drinks. While others supported the mischief and regarded their fake proposal as a ‘pro move.’ A person also opposed that apart from all the negative sides that people are assuming, the couple should be praised for raising the bar and turning the night into something enjoyable. Another commented that they had genius IQ to plan such a thing. Yet another person humorously added, “Trashy? More like a good job, who likes to pay for overpriced under poured drinks.”

Trashy or legendary, the pair managed to get free drinks that made their night completely worth it.

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