13 Nicest Places On The West Coast To Live With ONLY Social Security Check Income

In the article, we narrow down the 13 nicest places to retire on the west coast. Based on information compiled from cost of living data.

As of March, the typical month-to-month Social Security benefit is $1,618.29 for a person, as per the Social Security Administration (SSA). For a pair of retirees, the dual-income adds up to $3,236.58.

Not a bad haul, if it’s supplementing other income or padding a nice, 401k. But If Social Security is all you’re living on, you’re going to have to pick your retirement city very carefully to stretch those dollars to their absolute limit — particularly on the notoriously expensive West Coast.

To determine the best places for couples to live on the West Coast on only their combined Social Security checks, we used cost-of-living data from the website- Sperling’s Best Places. The ranking also includes ApartmentList data on the average rent for a one-bedroom apartment! So lets get right into the list!

Vallejo, California

2022 average 1-bedroom rent: $1,607

Riverside, California

2022 average 1-bedroom rent: $1,508


2022 average 1-bedroom rent: $1,596

Sacramento, California

2022 average 1-bedroom rent: $1,432

Anchorage, Alaska

2022 average 1-bedroom rent: $1,176

Napa, California

2022 average 1-bedroom rent: $1,522

Portland, Oregon

2022 average 1-bedroom rent: $1,344

Fresno, California

2022 average 1-bedroom rent: $1,025

Bremerton, Washington

2022 average 1-bedroom rent: $1,440

Eugene, Oregon

2022 average 1-bedroom rent: $928

Olympia, Washington

2022 average 1-bedroom rent: $1,436

Spokane, Washington

2022 average 1-bedroom rent: $947

Salem, Oregon

2022 average 1-bedroom rent: $979

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